HFPA in Conversation: Diego Freitas Reveals His Dark Side In His Art


Mysteries have always interested Brazilian filmmaker Diego Freitas. He tells HFPA journalist Ana Maria Bahiana that he chose film thrillers and horror movies because they aren't as... 

Joe Kirchhoff - Writers Lab -

The Black List And WIF Select Participants For Annual Episodic And Feature Labs

The Black List and WIF (Women In Film, Los Angeles) have unveiled the participants who have won spots in their fifth annual Episodic Lab as well as the annual Feature Lab. 



'My Dead Ones' Clip Goes a Little Crazy While Blood Sprays From the Teaser's Walls! [Exclusive]

Gearing up for release this Halloween is My Dead Ones, a Brazilian horror-mystery from director Diego Freitas and TMA...

'Never Hike Alone' Team Returns With New Winter-Set Fan Film 'Never Hike in the Snow'! [Trailer]

Friday the 13th fans have been dying to see Jason slash his way through the snow for many years, and the team behind the...


'My Dead Ones' Trailer Films, Kills, and Then Shares... [Video]

Gearing up for release this coming Halloween season is My Dead Ones, a Brazilian horror-mystery from director Diego Freitas, which will be released by TMA Releasing. Behind the looks of...


Lit Manager Daniel Seco: 2020 Script Competition Judge

Announcing: Richard Lagravenese to judge the Drama Feature category presented by Writers Guild of America, East and 2nd wave of semifinalist judges.



I vividly remember becoming obsessed with aliens when I was around nine. COMMUNION and FIRE IN THE SKY were my go-tos and (I) rented them over and over again. Ever since then, I...


'To The Stars' Review: Sundance Favorite Is Sweetly Nostalgic Coming-Of-Age Tale

Martha Stephens' To The Stars is an appealing look at two very different high school girls in a tiny Oklahoma town circa 1960.


To the Stars is a tender, heartbreaking coming-of-age story: Review

Martha Stephens' To The Stars is an appealing look at two very different high school girls in a tiny Oklahoma town circa 1960.


'To the Stars' Review: Sparkling Friendship

Martha Stephens's coming-of-age feature follows two girls growing up in the socially strict world of 1960s Oklahoma.


'To the Stars' Review: Rebels in Bobby Socks, Yearning for More

In a claustrophobic small town in the early 1960s, two teenage girls find friendship and maybe even a way out.


Review: Like a teenage spin on Todd Haynes, 'To the Stars' delivers bittersweet take on the past

A deliberately paced melodrama set in 1960s Oklahoma, "To the Stars" follows the friendship of two girls headed in opposite...


Proximity Trailer & Poster: Eric Demeusy's Gorgeous Sci-Fi Thriller Revealed [EXCLUSIVE]

Screen Rant has the exclusive trailer and poster reveal for Proximity, the new science fiction thriller from Shout! Studios... 


'To the Stars' Trailer: 'Moonrise Kingdom' Favorite Kara Hayward in Sundance Hit

Martha Stephens' period drama was a crowd favorite at last year's Sundance Film Festival.


To the Stars Trailer: The Beginning of A Strong, Unlikely Friendship

Samuel Goldwyn Films has debuted the first trailer for To The Stars, the coming-of-age drama following an unlikely friendship in '60s Oklahoma led by Moonrise Kingdom's Kara Hayward...


Witchcraft Motion Picture Company Acquires Rights To Thriller 'Empire Of Dirt'

EXCLUSIVE: Witchcraft Motion Picture Company is adding to its growing slate of films since launching last year. Rod Blackhurst (director of Netflix's Amanda Knox) and Noah Lang...


Sci-Fi Thriller 'Proximity' From VFX Veteran Eric Demeusy Lands At Shout! Studios

EXCLUSIVE: Shout! Studios has acquired North American rights to Proximity, a sci-fi thriller that marks the feature directorial debut of Eric Demeusy. The Emmy-winning VFX veteran is behind the...


Schemers Literary Manager Daniel Seco on #SCRIPTCHAT

Literary Manager @DanielJSeco answers your questions.


Movie 'The Ghost Who Walks' shot in STL, will be screened at St. Louis International Film Festival

Cody Stokes, director of "The Ghost Who Walks," visits Fox 2 News to discuss this thriller, which was filmed in St. Louis.


Winter-Set Prequel to Acclaimed Fan Film 'Never Hike Alone' Will Kick Off New Four-Film Web Series!

Finally, what we've all been waiting for: Jason slashing through the snow!


[Trailer] 'Nightmare on Elm Street' Producer Bob Shaye Directed the Upcoming Thriller 'Ambition'

The legendary Bob Shaye (A Nightmare on Elm Street, Lord of the Rings) sat in the director's chair for the upcoming...


Lifehacker: I'm Filmmaker Kelsey Taylor, and This Is How I Work

The How I Work series asks heroes, experts, and all-around productive people to share their shortcuts, workspaces, routines, and more.


Bob Shaye Thriller 'Ambition' To Hit Theaters in Shout! Studios & Unique Features Deal

EXCLUSIVE: Shout! Studios and Unique Features have teamed on a deal for the multi-platform distribution of Ambition, the...


Futurism Studios Joins First Narrative Feature In Shape Of Oz Sci-Fi '2067' Starring Ryan Kwanten & Kodi-Smit McPhee - Cannes

EXCLUSIVE: Futurism Studios, the film and TV arm of online...

IFT heads to Cannes with Sundance entry 'To The Stars' (exclusive)

International Film Trust (IFT) has boarded sales rights to Sundance selection To The Stars and will kick off talks with buyers in Cannes.



Facehugger Attacks in New 'Alien' Universe Short Film 'Alien: Specimen'

As part of the 40th anniversary celebration of the franchise, new corners of the Alien universe are being explored this year...


Two 'Alien' Short Films Channel the Spirit of Ripley at Wondercon

A groundbreaking new series of short films set in the Alien universe has launched, and two of them screened Saturday...


Six Alien Short Films Coming to Celebrate Film's 40th Anniversary

While there will sadly be no new Alien movies coming our way in the foreseeable future, 20th Century Fox will be releasing...


"There Is No Cheat Code To Breaking In" Schemers Manager Daniel Seco Tells Screenwriters

Daniel Seco is a manager at Schemers Entertainment where he represents writers and directors for film & television.


Nat Geo takes TCB's "Borderforce USA:  The Bridges"

London-based distributor TCB Media Rights has sold 10 x 60-minute series Borderforce USA: The Bridges (pictured) to...


'To The Stars': Sundance Review

A delicate black-and-white film about two Oklahoma outsiders which is quietly moving.


The Huluween Film Fest Winner: Justin Harding's "Carved"!

All month long, Hulu celebrated our season with Huluween, a specially curated and packaged horror film extravaganza...


Review: 'Don't Leave Home' will make horror fans want to stay in for a modest but creepy throwback

Eerie and haunting without ever being outright scary, "Don't Leave Home" is different enough from current trends in horror...


'Don't Leave Home' Trailer: Michael Tully's Immersive Gothic Horror Chronicles a Nightmarish Irish Urban Legend

Exclusive: Anna Margaret Hollyman stars in the film, billed as a creepy mashup of "Get Out" and "Rosemary's Baby"...


Mara trailer: Sleep paralysis horror film will give you nightmares

The trailer for new film Mara effectively captures the horrors of sleep paralysis. Starring Olga Kurylenko, the film follows a...


Interview: HUNTING LANDS writer-director Zack Wilcox on the making of the film

Hunting Lands is a gripping and slow-burning thriller, a visually-arresting picture that manages to fully develop its protagonist and generate tension through mood instead of action and...


Review: HUNTING LANDS (2018), a slow but thrilling mystery drama

In broad terms, there are two kinds of thrillers: the ones that rely more on action beats, explosions, and general mayhem, and those that prefer to exploit atmosphere and a sense of place...


Best Ever 'Friday the 13th' Fan Film 'Never Hike Alone' Heads to Home Video

We told you about Never Hike Alone back in October, ahead of playing it as part of our own World of Death web series last month. From Womp Stomp Films and director Vincente DiSanti...


Is Blumhouse's 'Family Blood' a Vampire Movie?

Ellie, a recovering drug addict, has just moved to a new city with her two teenage children. She has struggled to stay sober in the past and is determined to make it work this time, finding a...


WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 155: "Never Hike Alone" Takes a Stab at the 'Friday the 13th' Franchise

Oh, the weather is brutally cold and bleak this time of year, friends and neighbors, best we settle in to watch some nice...


Telluride Horror Show Review:

NEVER HIKE ALONE Is The Jason Movie You're Looking For

And, oh hey, you can watch it right now.