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Ep. 159 | Daniel Seco | Daniel Seco of Schemers Entertainment gives us a "Finding Representation 101" class for writers and filmmakers looking to land an agent or manager.


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Shallow Graves | Shallow Graves is a podcast about a serial killer you've never heard of. He slipped under the radar for years and because of that, one of his victims has been missing for 31 years, and almost everyone familiar with the case believes there has to be more. Shallow Graves digs into the details of each case by talking to the original detectives and family members, and bringing you inside the case as it stands today.


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Ep. 144 | Daniel Seco | Lit Manager Daniel Seco of Schemers Entertainment joins the podcast to chat about why he loves representing writers, what characteristics a dream client has, why you probably shouldn’t cold call lit reps looking for representation, why writers should try to land a manager before an agent, and much more.


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Ep. 597 | Cody Stokes | This episode focuses on two new indie films, both of which recently became available on streaming platforms: Segment 1 is with the filmmaking brothers Thomas & Michael Matthews with their film LOST HOLIDAY; and Segment 2 is with cinematographer Cody Stokes making his directorial debut with the film THE GHOST WHO WALKS.


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Interview | Vincente DiSanti | At the Pop Rock 'n Horror Con, host Matt catches up with writer / director Vincente DiSanti to talk all things NEVER HIKE ALONE.


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Ep. 264 | Michael Tully | In this episode writer / director Michael Tully calls into the podcast! Michael chats it up about his new flick DON'T LEAVE HOME (available right now on VOD).


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Ep. 263 | Clive Tonge | In this episode writer / director Clive Tonge calls into the podcast. Clive chats it up about his flick MARA and why sleep paralysis is the scariest thing ever!